What this service includes

  • Discovery questionnaire completed with full length photograph.
  •  2x half hour coaching calls through zoom
  • Goal planning Tools
  • Step-by-step process on how to optimize your wardrobe
  • Capsule building tools that help you maxamise the clothes you already have in your wardrobe.
  • Specific shopping strategies to help you take the stress out of shopping
  • A list of resources to help you budget and plan your Shopping.
  • follow up Call 2 weeks later.

If you have ever thought of making an investment on your Personal development, Then I encourage you to take action today for a very small investment of €127.

Act now and we will confirm your booking within 24 hours. Should your desired time and date not be available we will notify you by email or phone to arrange a suitable appointment

Thank You

What this service includes:

Online skype or zoom calls (Pre call questionnaire before our  session call)

During these three weeks, you and I will work together on the phone by video to review work, discuss strategies and key outcomes,

Goals Tools
Indentify your START image goals.

Current wardrobe connection. How your wardrobe reflects your lifestyle
Create a wardrobe that supports your goals. Learn how to optimize your wardrobe so it works for you, your lifestyle and your career.

Shopping tips and strategies
Learn how to make the right shopping choices that work for you! Assess my wardrobe suggestions for you and stores to visit. Download my shopping budgeting tool that I use to keep ontop of my spending.

Why I founded this service.

This is more than an external makeover. Unless you work from the inside first your results will not be sustainable. When I startet  investing in my style I got back to Basics, styling my body shape and setting goals. I stopped following trends and worrying about what other people were wearing and just dressed authentically. I  found that my visual presence speaks volumes both in my personal and professional life.

While working as a Personal Shopper for a department store in Galway city I witnessed first hand how helping women with their style for an occasion, weekend away or for their new lifestyle, transformed how they felt about their body shape. They had a renewed sence of self-esteem and motivated to go to the wedding, the promotion interview or the next step in their life.

This got me thinking how I can create a program that will help other women with their style challenges. Those that are hesitating to go to an occasion because they don’t know what to buy. Or  who have clothes hanging in their wardrobe that are too big or too small and don’t want to waste money on something they may not wear again.

I created these programs from meeting all those wonderful women, who talked about their challenges with their body shape, shopping and careers and personal life.

Follow up Converations!
After the final shopping session I will touch base with you 2 weeks later to see how you are progressing. You have put in all the hard work and invested in yourself and I am here to support you and cheer you on!

Previous clients have experienced: A renewed sence of self-esteem, Increased motivation in all areas of their life, A kick in their step and swing in their hips!

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