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Claire believes everyone is the creator and author of his or her own story. Claire partners with everyday women and business professionals on up-leveling their story and visual presence so they can live their purpose and achieve their desired goals.Inspiring Women and Business professionals to show up more confidently, credibly and consistently.
Most notably, Claire works with individuals who are facing, or about to face, a new stage in life – from changes in married status to moving to a new area. Career transitions—from promotions to career switches.

Prior to launching her business Claire was a personal Shopper for Debenhams, Galway. During her position she was awarded #1 in the company for sales achievement, collaborated with local Womens ICA and Weight Watchers groups helping them with their appearance, trends and visual presence in an effort to propel them forward in their style and careers.

A Stylist, teacher and trainer, Claire educates on the importance of valuing one’s self and re-imagining the possibility for success through visual presence. She is an ever-learner, having received her diploma in Styling in 2014 from Stylefish, Dublin. A member of the Association of Image consultants international. Claire is a member of Network Ireland Galway and is nominated for Emerging New Business award 2020.

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Claire Ryan, Coach & Stylist
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